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Specialists in Intellectual Property Capture & Commercialisation

Welcome To MAINly Consulting Ltd.

MAINly CONSULTING LTD is focussed on enabling its Clients to achieve more with their innovations.

We accomplish that through smart thinking in using intellectual property tools to produce a proprietary position for our Clients. Thus they attain a sustainable competitive edge for superior return from their innovation effort.

We passionately believe that innovation is a fundamental necessity for any company or institution to survive and thrive. Furthermore, we know that smart intellectual property management is a key factor for success in innovation. Sadly, most organisations under-achieve their innovation potential due to poor use of intellectual property tools to capture the greatest value from their new technologies, products and services.

We maintain that the best management initiative to resolve this failing is to embark on a programme that puts IP-awareness in the middle of all business decisions. We achieve this with you by building an organisation-wide ENDEMIC IP CULTURE in your company. With that achieved, your personnel will be empowered to make their daily work decisions in a manner that produces stronger innovation assets that generate greater value.

Through our assistance with this, our Clients will achieve creation of greater, and more sustainable, wealth from their innovations.

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